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RPC Lease's solutions

We put our expertise to work when studying and handling every automotive project.

Our aim is to offer a tailor-made solution, perfectly adapted to the specific needs of our clients.

We offer different solutions to match your varied needs.


Short and medium-term rental (LCD)

With short and medium-term rental, our private or corporate clients can rent a vehicle for periods ranging from a few hours to a few months.

Private leasing (LOA)

With our leasing solution, which is a lease agreement with a purchase option, your car lease can be for a specified period of time, for a given mileage, and with the guarantees of your choice.

Lease financing

Lease financing is a financing solution for all professionals. This solution allows you to lease one or more vehicles perfectly suited to your needs

Personalised search

We offer a personalised search service that will meet your different selection criteria.




Short and medium-term rental (LCD)

Need a car for a few days, an event or something unexpected?

Our short-term rental solution is just what you need. Quick and easy, we have a wide choice of vehicles at hand (saloons, convertibles, SUVs, and more).

A work assignment lasting a few months?

Medium-term rental is the ideal choice. It can be optimally adjusted to the specific length of your project or circumstances, from a few weeks to several months. This solution is the mainstay of practicality and efficiency.

What is leasing?

With leasing, you can get behind the wheel of one of our many available vehicles. You benefit from lower monthly payments and control maintenance costs, paying only for the use of your vehicle.

Your business has changed? Change the terms of your agreement (mileage, duration, etc.) whenever you like.

This flexible and advantageous offer gives you clear visibility on how you use your vehicle. Swap for a state-of-the-art vehicle at the cutting edge of innovation when you renew your lease agreement.

Lease financing

Do you need financing for your fleet of vehicles or your business vehicle?

RPC Lease also offers lease financing for your company's vehicles.

The benefits for you:

  • Financing a company vehicle or vehicles is made easy.
  • You can renew your vehicle as often as you like at an attractive price.
  • Lease payments are deductible: amounts paid as lease can be deducted from taxable income as operating expenses.
  • Preserve your investment capacity: assets financed under an equipment leasing contract are recognised as off-balance sheet commitments.
  • The mileage in your agreement can be adjusted according to your activity.

In short, lease financing offers you a practical, flexible and cost-effective solution to your business mobility needs.

Personalised searches

Looking for a particular vehicle?

Our team relies on several years' experience in the field to help you find the vehicle that ticks all the boxes.

Entrust your search to us and we'll be by your side every step of the way!

With our sizeable automotive network and our extensive knowledge of the sector, we will spare no effort to find you the vehicle that's just right for you.